Ideas on financing of actions to meet the SECAP goals


Solutions for the future

This 2nd webinar 19 March 2018 was jointly organised by the EU-funded project EMPOWERING, and the Covenant of Mayors office for these objectives: To give an overview of European calls and funding and introduce you to a useful tool to match ideas with calls. To provide you with examples on how to use procurement as an effective tool for climate and energy planning activities within your municipality or region.

Test of own knowledge

Test your knowledge!

Test your knowledge on how to develop a SECAP and update a SEAP.


Local action paving the way for the energy transition

Martin Eibl, Senior Project Advisor, EASME – Energy Unit at EMPOWERING Final Conference, 25 June 2019.

Innovative financial solutions

Solar energy (PV) and business models – a presentation by Dr. Jessica Lagerstedt Wadin, University of Lund, Sweden.

Reduce energy

You can reduce energy use in buildings and by behaviour changes – a presentation by Lisa Ossman, RISE.

Renewable solutions

Geothermal heat pumps, solar thermal, biomass, PV on foofs and hybrid systems – a presentation on renewable energy technologies in municipalities by Dr K Karytsas.

Mobility as a solution

Mobility as a service on the countryside – a presentation by Maja Söderberg, Mobil Samåkning.

Good practices

Good Practices database

Link: Covenant Signatories are sharing their key actions as a source of inspiration for others. In our Good Practices database you will find achievements, case studies, city profiles, videos and more!

Sinfonia smart cities

Link:  Sinfona smart cities knowledge center.


Link:  Learn how to plan sustainable energy and mobility together.

Material and links

CoM Funding tool

Link: Covenant of Mayors support for financing opportunities for Sustainable Energy & Climate Action Plans

Training tools

Link:  Mayors in Action Tools and Methodologies for Implementation of Sustainable Energy Actions and Measures.

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