Brussels Passive House Platform


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Name of the Measure:

The Passive House Platform

Type : (Autonomous  or Part of an integrated action plan?)
Topic addressed:

  • Integrated energy
  • Land use planning
  • Innovative financing solutions.
Managing Organisation (if not project partner, please provide name of the organization and website):

The Belgian Plateforme Maison Passive asbl, called pmp

Geographic Coverage (Country/Region):

Brussels Capital – Belgium

Starting Date and Expected Ending of the tool or measure:

2007 – ongoing

Beneficiaries / Target Group: housing units
Rationale (starting point, challenge, objectives, initiator(s) and stakeholders involved):

The Passive House Platform

The Region supports independent associations such as the Passive House Platform non-profit organisation (Plateforme Maison Passive asbl, PMP), to which it entrusts the guidance of project sponsors as well as technical verification of the files for subsidies of passive construction or low or very low energy renovation.

Since 2007, 263 files have been handled in Brussels: 77 housing units renovated as low-energy, 4 housing units renovated to the passive standard and 182 new passive housing units.

The PMP also organises numerous training sessions for professionals, visits to passive projects, etc.
In 2009, it launched be.passive, a magazine dedicated to passive architecture.

Financing (costs? regional/national/European public or private resources?):


Implementation Modality / Methodology:


Internal organization of the implementation of the measure / Administrative Work-Flow:


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Strong features of the tool/measure:


Weak features and criticalities of the tool/measure:


From the starting, did you apply any change in design and implementation? Any corrective action?


What are the lessons learned for your region? For other regions? What would be conditions for potential transfer?


What are the next steps/follow up actions? (if applicable):


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