Heat Management Pesaros


Name of the Hosting Project Partner:

Municipality of Pesaro / SVIM

Contact person(s) for Study Visit (Name, e-mail):

Annarita Santilli (Energy Manager – Muncipality of Pesaro), a.santilli@comune.pesaro.pu.it


Name of the Measure:

Public Tender for Heat Management of Municipal Buildings

Type: (autonomous or part of an integrated action plan?)


Topic addressed:

·       Integrated energy

Managing Organisation:

Municipality of Pesaro

Geographic Coverage (Country/Region):

Local – Municipality of Pesaro (Marche, Italy)

Starting Date and Expected Ending of the tool or measure:

2015 – ongoing

Beneficiaries / Target Group:

–      Local Authority (Municipality of Pesaro);

–      ESCos

Rationale (starting point, challenge, objectives, initiator/s and stakeholders involved):

The project was based on a large survey of energy consumption carried out on 130 municipal buildings by the staff from different sectors of the Municipality of Pesaro.

On the basis of the data collected, a specific public tender was launched for the purpose of signing contracts with ESCOs for the heat management of Municipal buildings for 9 years at no cost for the City.

The terms of references of the tendere included that the successful tenderer would be obliged to undertake certain mandatory interventions, for example: the renovation of the roof covering Sport Arena; various maintenance works on windows, walls or soles; the replacement of many water heater with new ones; remote consumption monitoring; specific requirements in terms of transparency on consumption data; etc.



Implementation Modality / Methodology:


Internal organization of the implementation of the measure / Administrative Work-Flow:
Performance Indicators  (if applicable):





Reduced consumption, lower CO2 emissions, remote telecontrol implementation, monitoring implementation and constant detection of any necessary maintenance, etc.

Strong features of the tool/measure:

Increased collaboration among the various Municipal staff figures involved in such actions to optimize consumption and use of energy. Good experiences of cross-sector collaborations between different sectors.


Weak features and criticalities of the tool/measure:

Difficulties in sharing projects between the different Sectors of the Municipality. Difficult in the involvement of City Councilors and their structures. Difficulty in finding data on consumption and spending ratio. Difficulties in monitoring and updating data continuously.


From the starting, did you apply any change in design and implementation? Any corrective action?


What are the lessons learned for your region? For other regions? What would be conditions for potential transfer?
What are the next steps/follow up actions? (if applicable):
Additional comments:

More information is available by contact:

“Sportello Energia del Comune di Pesaro” and “Ufficio Energia”, +39  0721.387575





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