Morón Bicycle Mobility Plan


Name of the Hosting Project Partner:

Bicycle mobility plan

Contact person(s) for Study Visit (Name, e-mail):

José Ángel Gutiérrez Aguilar

+34 648 094 256


Name of the Measure:

Various measures in different areas; measure 3 – Bicycle mobility plan




Part of the action plan integrated in urban planning

Topic addressed:

·      Transport mobility




Managing Organisation (if not project partner, please provide name of the organization and website):

Ayuntamiento de Morón de la Frontera (Town  Council of Morón de la Frontera)

Geographic Coverage (Country/Region):

Council area, not only urban area but country areas will be covered

Starting Date and Expected Ending of the tool or measure:

From 2008 to 2020

Beneficiaries / Target Group:

All the population specially workers and people needing use administrative managements

Rationale (starting point, challenge, objectives, initiator(s) and stakeholders involved):


Financing (costs? regional/national/European public or private resources?):

Public costs using own resources of council and regional administration

Implementation Modality / Methodology:

Project divided into different stages

Internal organization of the implementation of the measure / Administrative Work-Flow:

Political approval of measures, implementation at technical departments, looking for financing, construction works by council workers or external agents

Performance Indicators (if applicable):





Not as strong as was expected. It has been used more for sport than mobility.

Strong features of the tool/measure:

Strongly accepted by population

Weak features and criticalities of the tool/measure:

Great dependency on urban planning approval

From the starting, did you apply any change in design and implementation? Any corrective action?

Some changes applied in design and connection points

What are the lessons learned for your region? For other regions? What would be conditions for potential transfer?


What are the next steps/follow up actions? (if applicable):

To make some of the streets of Morón in both pedestrian and bike roads but not allowed to other kind of vehicles

Connection of Morón with other cities through bike roads like the town of Coripe and its Vía Verde, a bike road of about 40 km

Additional comments:

It has a strong dependency on urban planning (PGOU) approval and there are some problems associated to finnancing and conversion into roads not allowed to cars


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