Wind and solar power

Tronicpower Altidona


Name of the Hosting Project Partner:

Municipality of Altidona / SVIM

Contact person(s) for Study Visit (Name, e-mail):

Enrico Lanciotti (Mayor – Muncipality of Altidona), paola



Name of the Measure:

“Tronicpower” system for public lighting energy efficiency and energy saving

Type: (autonomous or part of an integrated action plan?)
Topic addressed:

·        Integrated energy

Managing Organisation (if not project partner, please provide name of the organization and website):

Municipality of Altidona

Geographic Coverage (Country/Region):

Local – Municipality of Altidona (Marche, Italy)

Starting Date and Expected Ending of the tool or measure:


Beneficiaries / Target Group:

–       Local Authority (Municipality of Altidona)

Rationale (starting point, challenge, objectives, initiator/s and stakeholders involved):

The project implemented a preliminary analysis of daily energy consumption, by reading the counters, and the consequent removal of the existing power supplies. On the selected public lighting a “tronicpower” electronic power supply was then installed, together with a high energy efficiency metal halide lamp.

Implementation Modality / Methodology:
Internal organization of the implementation of the measure / Administrative Work-Flow:
Performance Indicators  (if applicable):

Energy saving: approx. 250,000 kW / h annually


In addition to energy savings, an important benefit of the project was given by the financial saving that allowed compensating the investment.

Strong features of the tool/measure:

Ability to identify funding for the implementation of the intervention.


Weak features and criticalities of the tool/measure:

­   Lack of economic and human resources for project evaluation and management.

From the starting, did you apply any change in design and implementation? Any corrective action?

What are the lessons learned for your region? For other regions? What would be conditions for potential transfer?
What are the next steps/follow up actions? (if applicable):
Additional comments:

More information is available by contact:

Ufficio Tecnico Comune di Altidona – ing. Stefano Postacchini, tel. +39 0734 936353, e-mail:





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