Raising awareness in the municipality on sustainability


Awareness raising

This is the full session from the first webinar of the EMPOWERING project Capacity Building Programme. It was first published 20 March 2018.

Test of own knowledge

Test your knowledge!

Test your knowledge on how to develop a SECAP and update a SEAP.


PANEL 2050

Partnership for New Energy – Leadership Results. Presentation by Ádám Harmat, WWF Hungary, June 2019.

Engage and involve

Engage and involve citizens – examples from municipalities in Sweden, a presentation by Katrine Svensson, Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden


A presentation on how to interact with different target audiences, February 2018.

Good practices

Good Practices database

Link: Covenant Signatories are sharing their key actions as a source of inspiration for others. In our Good Practices database you will find achievements, case studies, city profiles, videos and more!

Sinfonia smart cities

Link:  Sinfona smart cities knowledge center.


Link:  Learn how to plan sustainable energy and mobility together.

Material and links

Training tools

Link:  Mayors in Action Tools and Methodologies for Implementation of Sustainable Energy Actions and Measures.

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